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Destruction Of The Old Republic: 1930 Marion. Indiana Lynchings.


Again these extra-judicial killings were just a continuation of the crusades against the moors. It has nothing to do with Black and White and "Racism" etc. It's just war that's all. We don't care about fake sympathy and better "race relations" and reconciliation etc. because the damage has been done, trust agreements/contracts breached and birthrights already stolen, so we will only engage in conquest to take them back. We also understand that we did the same damage to our crusader enemies in prior centuries because it was and still is a holy war, not a so-called Race War so its all fair. Lame, marching, praying, begging, assimilating so-called "Blacks" in the mainstream media and politics do not represent we real Al-Maraccan, Active Muurish-Mississipians.


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