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Destruction Of The Old Republic: The Ocoee Massacre

Updated: May 5, 2023

Peace Muurs and Strivers.

In this new blog category we will begin documenting the domestic terrorism of the Dixiecrat (Democratic) KKK and how they conspired to destroy the old free American republic to install an industrialist and socialist Democracy on our holy lands. The Dixiecrats also imported millions of broke, crusty, dusty immigrants in the late-1800s and early-1900's to aid in the destruction of the old republic by allowing these immigrants to form well-armed, well-financed, state-sanctioned terrorist gangs, police units and organized crime syndicates to go to war with original Americans for control of our cities, towns, businesses and land. The following is a drop on the Ocoee Massacre near Orlando, Florida in 1920. We will investigate and document the terrorism and land theft and ultimately take retaliatory actions. Also for the record, these people who were terrorized were not "Black," they were economically independent and successful Original Americans of Moorish decent which is why they were targeted. Also, this has nothing to do with Black and White, either you're down with real Americans (The Moorish Nation) or you're a Godless Commie. There's no middle ground. We don't forgive and we don't forget. We don't ask for sympathy because it's all fair in war, but the demonic invaders and domestic traitors will never escape Allah's wrath for bringing destruction, cultural terrorism and rampant criminality to holy grounds. Peace

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