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Handmade White Sufi Cap

Handmade White Sufi Cap

SKU: 931418737
                    * the product is completely handmade
* made in Turkey
* It is obtained from sterile material in hygienic environment
* The fabric used for wrapping the hat in the photo is 6 meters
* the product is made on order
* the product you see is made with white hat and white fabric
* You can determine the color of the hat and fabric as you wish.
* we can make different colored fabric on the same model hat
* does not disperse easily
* The product will be shipped within 5 to 10 days of order.
* the time mentioned above is the maximum time, usually it is shipped earlier
* As this product is laborious and takes time, we have kept the time interval wide in order not to be embarrassed to you and to deliver the product to you at the time we say.
* within 2 to 3 days after shipment
* We aim to offer you a wider choice
* Our goal is to find the outfit that suits you
* Please be with us in this effort and support us at the same time enjoy quality workmanship and product ownership.
* the price of the hat will depend on the length of the fabric you choose.
* Thank you in advance for reading this and taking the time

    15 Day Return Policy.

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