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Handmade Green Tuareg-Style Turban.

Handmade Green Tuareg-Style Turban.

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                    Tuareg Berber scarf a symbol of nomadic life, 

Tuareg People

These traditionally nomadic pastoralists are part of North Africa’s Berber ethnic confederation that inhabit the Sahara. Often referred to as the “blue people” after their traditional indigo-dyes, the Tuareg have been masters of several trans-saharan trade routes. Tuaregs refer to themselves as Kel Tamasheq meaning “speakers of Tamasheq”, as well as Kel Tagelmust, meaning “veiled people”.
The Tagelmust or Cheche is a piece of clothing used commonly in hot deserts to protect oneself from the sun or sandstorms and UV

They are a proud race of people, famous for their fighting abilities and artwork, now staring urbanisation and resettlement in the face.

Tie a knot 30 cm from the edge, then put the tagelmust on your head with the knot at the back and the rest of the fabric in front.

Then firmly wrap the fabric situated at the front of your head around so the tagelmust is held firmly in place on your head. Then twist it round as many times as is necessary with this part of the tagelmust.

Wedge the fabric in the back part of the tagelmust, above the knot.

Release the fabric restrained at the back by the knot so it comes to the front.

It then hides the lower part of your face, to protect it from UV and sand.

All set for adventure!

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