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Samurai Wisdom and the Dangers of Early Success for a Man.

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Peace and Happy Holy Day to the real Muurish-Mississipian Strivers. Peace be upon the young late Muurish-Mississippian Young Dolph and Peace be upon his family. According to old Samurai wisdom, there are many dangers in the early success of a young warrior and time and time again we see the truth of this ancient wisdom play out over and over for young Asiatic men in America. Samurai warriors in old times were actually encouraged to go through the rigors of thoroughly developing themselves as warriors and men of spirit and honor. Bushido texts and teachings actually encouraged warriors to strive to become successful in their 40s and 50s as opposed to their 20s due to the natural cycle of masculine development which generally requires 3 to 4 decades. As a striver traveling the enlightened path of Mudjahada, I personally agree 100 percent with this old wisdom because I am 38 and just really beginning to come of age as far as Knowledge, Wisdom and Mastery of Craft which means success for me will most likely come in my 40s and 50s inshallah and I can honestly say that the long rugged path has given me the grit I need to handle this potential success. I am of the belief that more young Asiatic Muurish men should be encouraged to take this long rugged path as well and not reach so much for success as young men. Instead they should strive to become Masters of their existence in their late 30s and early 40s and up. Most young men are quite naturally underdeveloped in their 20s emotionally, intellectually and spiritually which means that if they are given power and resources at this underdeveloped stage of their existence, they are much more prone to make poor business and personal decisions due to inexperience and lack of mentorship. For the last five decades young Asiatic Muurish-American men have been encouraged by society at large to push for early, quick success which is by design because the colonists and occupiers know that these young men are largely incapable of responsibly handling resources given to them. This often times means that instead of potentially empowering their own communities with these resources, these young men will more than likely quickly hand these resources right back to these occupying paymasters due to the young brothers' collective lack of discipline, impulse control and knowledge of self which is largely a result of lack of development due to young age and incomplete training. God-willing in the future more young Mississippian brothers will be given knowledge of the Mudjahada Enlightened Traveling Strivers' path early in life and be encouraged to take the long rugged road for true Mastery of self instead of wanting and dying for it so fast and young. Peace

Check this Vid by Muurish-Mississipian brother Blackbeard Miraj breaking down the same subject matter. Salaam

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