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Welcome To Biden's Banana Republic

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

"We The People" currently have open borders and Godless Democratic Marxists running amok at every level of U.S. government, as well as, absurd extreme leftist legislation being passed left and right. It's abundantly clear right now that the global "Satanic Communist Roman Mafia" is making its ultimate push to conquer the free lands of North America once and for all and if the recent illegal raid on Trump's home doesn't wake you up to the KKK gangsters infiltrating U.S. government currently then nothing will. Remember the only people truly capable of saving this free republic are Active Muurs. These KKK democrats used terrorism and gangsterism to destroy most of the old republic after 1865 and now they want to end freedom here once and for all. Going back to the Bourne Stone, we started this and we gone finish this. All fighting Braves know the true cost of freedom. Former President Trump gave the perfect statement on this current state of affairs in the letter below. Peace

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