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The WEF's New "15-Minute City" Concentration Camp Urban Zone Model Should Concern Real Americans.

Peace Muurs,

Well it's officially the beginning of the "Hunger Games" agenda for anyone who wishes to remain in Democratic-run Metropolitan areas long-term. The World Economic Forum of Demons is pushing forward with plans to create districts within these urban areas where residents will live, work and play within designated areas without vehicles and supposedly everything these residents will need will lie within a "15-minute" radius so there will be no need to travel outside of the said zone for anything. This is the beginning of the establishment of Smart Megacities which will effectively act as urban human prisons where city-dwellers will have their ability to travel severely restricted. To all Muurs and other Americans who still value freedom, if you live in a large Democratic city in the U.S. make plans to leave as soon as you can because this "Judge Dredd" concept will ultimately be implemented in these places. We survalist-minded Americans will be forced to setup outpost communities on the outskirts and rural areas and implement new and creative ways to sustain ourselves organically. Stay ready so you won't have to get ready. Islam

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