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The Preservation of American Grit: It's Hard but Fair

There is an underlying reality about old time North American culture that terrifies the majority of meritless impostors claiming to be so-called Americans today and that's the culture of "True Grit" that defined the vast uncolonized territory of old time North America. In this culture there were no handouts nor systematic upliftment of individuals and groups who didn't earn their spoils through hard work , resourcefulness, creativity, ingenuity and toil. There was no protection or welfare for individuals and groups who couldn't naturally defend or sustain themselves in the vast North American Wilderness. There was no systematic protection for vagabonds, cutt-throats, theives, criminals, criminal organizations and generally dishonorable individuals. There was no unearned life of wealth, luxury and cheap trinket goods at the expense of domestic economic stability and environmental preservation. There was no prison industrial complex, because most criminal prosecutions and disputes were settled within communities often resulting in a quick death for criminal perpetrators and dishonorable undesirables. With generally such a high price to pay for criminality and dishonorable behavior we mostly maintained polite societies with very little crime. In so many words, in the Old North America you were required to earn your spoils by being creative and resourceful and you were required to defend your possessions and maintain your honorable reputation with your life if necessary. Survival and prosperity depended on the the economic and military cooperation of families and communities, not Federal/State Governments and corporations. By and large, old time North Americans didn't try to side step the gritty process of the path to prosperity, unlike many of those who indulge in the Roman-style decadent culture prevalent in the present day USA. The entire so called Manifest Destiny of USA westward expansion was largely attempting to do away with anyone or community practicing this old gritty culture of "Hard but Fair" to make it safe for a new class of immigrant settlers who largely did not intend to practice this culture and instead preferred a culture of unearned benefits through the US government as well as through criminal and terrorist organizations like the KKK. We weren't like the materialistic, effeminate, corporate hordes that we have been overrun with today, which is why bounties and warrants were placed on our heads to attempt to clear us out in the old pre-1812 west. When you reject the easy path and accept the Striving Mudjahada old time North American-style path you develop "True Grit." You can look at old photos of men from the American West of the mid to late-1800s and tell by the looks on their faces that they possessed "True Grit." Their faces and demeanor were "Stone Hard" as if they'd been through a real struggle and that type of struggle is something that all original North American men should never seek to avoid for quick and easy success. When you take the long hard path, you become fully developed as an Original man and you develop the mental strength and intestinal fortitude to successfully take on and subdue life's challenges on your own which will make you appear very god-like to the people around you, especially women and children. Another long term benefit of opting for the hard lone path to success over the less strenuous Roman path is your success will be debt-free. When you strive for what you want and don't take shortcuts or bribes and qoid pro quo from criminal and Demonic entities then you owe your eventual success to no one but your creator. You will also fully develop and hone your natural survival and self preservation/defense skills due to the fact that you strived so hard for what you have that you will be more than willing to fight tooth and nail to defend and maintain it. Lastly, in my opinion the most significant benefit of developing "True American Grit" is that this hard but fair process of development will innately make you more right, exact and in tune with the vast North American Wilderness, which will make you seem more wild and un-domesticated in contrast with your more assimilated peers and family. This is very important for the coming trials and tribulations we will all face as the Old reality crumbles and the "Great Reset" takes effect. Those of us who wish to maintain our freedom and ancestral cultures will have no choice but to return to the world of "Terrestrial Grit" in order to receive the divine guidance to maneuver and survive the coming times. This is why "Alamassee El Caleephahh" is one of the vessels of "The Preservation of American Grit." We strive to preserve the basics of what has always made America/Atlantis Great since time immemorial. Join us in Holy Mudjahada. Peace and Shukran.

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