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The Jackson Water Crisis Is Yet Another Infrastructure Attack On An Old Muurish-Mississipian Town

Make no mistake Muurs, the current water crisis in Jackson, Mississippi is an artificially created crisis event aiming to disrupt, destabilize and displace the original Muurish population of an old Muurish Confederate Town in order to move in more immigrant invaders and gentrify the ancient, legendary Mississippi Delta lands. These lands are home to some of the most fertile soil in the world and nothing would make the Democratic, godless invading hordes happier than to finally displace Muurish-Mississipians from our last strongholds in the Confederate Mid and Deep South so these invaders can occupy the best lands on the Earth plane. Contrary to the popular historic narrative taught in schools and pushed in the mainstream media, the Antebellum-era South was not ruled by Pale Europeans or so-called "White People." The Antebellum South was in reality ruled by we copper-colored Americans or Muurish people and we were rich and prosperous landowners during those times and the largely amalgamated, Europeanized, Union States hated us for it because we couldn't be easily controlled due to our prosperous southern/western economy. We southern/western Muurs were also notorious for arresting and locking up invaders, criminals, illegal immigrants, squatters, satanists etc. and the liberal, Democratic, corparate, industrialist pro-mass immigration, Northern leaders had a huge problem with this. There is even one instance of a Pale European, Northern Senator named Charles Sumner referring to the Antebellum southern states in an 1847 speech as the "Barbary States of America" in reference to the southern practice of arresting trespassing invaders and imprisoning them. Now ask yourself why a Pale European, U.S. politician in the mid-1800s would compare the American South to the North African Barbary States when the North African Barbary States were historically known during those times to mass enslave Pale Europeans? We all know how historically racist and xenophobic Pale Europeans have been towards Muurish people so it's safe to say that Sumner was not advocating for so-called "black slaves" and was instead advocating for Pale Europeans who were being imprisoned in the American South just like they were being imprisoned in North Africa. Now we all know the outcome of the Civil War, which more or less, truly ended in a cease-fire and agreement for the Confederates to allow freedom of movement of Europeans and immigrants through the south and west. What we tend to overlook was how the "Confiscation Acts" passed by the Union during the War led to the forfeiture of billions of dollars of wealth and land by Confederate Muurs to the federal government, which was quickly redistributed to incoming European immigrants and sent millions of Muurish-Mississipians into economic hardships. This also led to the Democratic, Ku Klux Klan being formed and conducting a campaign of terrorism across the country to steal from and even kill many Muurs who failed to capitulate to the new U.S. racial hierarchy, which was in reality just a land grab for foriegn industrialists. This leads us to the economically desolate situations in many southern Muurish towns today and explains why the old Confederate States are considered the "Poorest States in the Union." This is because of political/economic sabotage, theft and incompetant leadership by racist invaders and pork-chop eating, sellout, dirty Muurs in the old Confederate states. The invaders have never ceased to be upset with the decendents of the Muurish-Mississippian Confederates of the South and West and just like Flint, Michigan ( Old Midwest Confederacy territory), the invaders are using the water supply to sabotage and destroy another Muurish town. Let this be another warning to my Active Muurish-Mississipians, no one is coming to save us and we are in our own. Active Muurs need to strive to maintain our own economic, infrastructure and defense needs and stop depending on people of foreign nations to handle these essential functions for us because it's no longer feasible to do so. This will mean abandoning the culture of entertainment and "playing around" that many of us have adopted and re-adopt the principles of functioning as a Confederacy. This means having fun and partying will now have to take a backseat to engaging in constructive activities on an everyday basis and handling national business. Some of us my have to sacrifice 95 percent of the fun and entertainment in our lives in order to hold our posts and contribute to the greater good. Instead of crying to the Federal or State Government for help in these situations, we need to start being pro-active in our communities and planning ahead/prepping for these situations while also calling on each other for help going forward. The reason we are always vulnerable to these types of attacks is because we outsource our infrastructure needs to foriegners instead of handling them ourselves, which we are more than capable of doing. Prayers to the Muurs in Jackson and I hope all Active Muurs take lessons from this situation because time is running short to turn this path of ultimate demise around. Peace and Shukran

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