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The Great Sheikh Tuscaloosa, Alibamu Warriors and Black Warrior River. "Sweet Home Alibamu"

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

Its well documented that in the early to mid 1500s the Roman Catholic Spaniard Conquistador forces, fresh off of their victory over the moors at Granada in 1492 and under orders and edicts of the Pope, sent several military expeditions into the North American Southeast in attempts to subjugate the American Mississippian Nations and claim their territories for the Spanish Crown and the Vatican. This attempted invasion resulted in a large scale war throughout the southern portion of North America with numerous battles and much destruction and death on both sides. One such expedition that is very well documented is the Hernando De Soto expedition into present day Florida, Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi in 1540. One of the biggest and bloodiest battles of this expedition was the "Battle of Mabila" between De Soto's forces and the militia of Sheikh Tuscaloosa, who governed a large province in the territory of present day Alabama. According to different historic sources, after the Conquistador forces were able to penetrate the interior of Alibamu (Alabama) territory, they ran into Shiekh Tuscaloosa who obviously anticipated their arrival and set the Spaniards up for an ambush by pretending to be friendly to De Soto and then leading him and his forces to the fortified town of Mabila where Tuscaloosa promised them provisions and women. Little did the Conquistadors know that Mississippian Warriors were waiting in Mabila to ambush the Spaniards and attempt to pin them down. After the Conquistadors were taken by surprise and ambushed, "The Battle of Mabila" ensued which resulted in large casualties on both sides including Tuscaloosa who was killed in the battle. The conquistadors ultimately prevailed and the town of Mabila was destroyed and De Soto continued his warpath through the southeast. Though Tuscaloosa was killed in this battle, him and his warriors set a tone of military resistance to the Conquistador invaders and a call to arms was issued out to the Mississippian Moslems of the South and De Soto's expedition was ultimately surrounded and crushed in 1541 by Indigenous Warriors in the area of present day Mississippi. We give honors to Tuscaloosa and the Alibamu warriors who fought with much valor and fearlessness to protect the promised land and maintain our freedom. America remains one of the freest places on the planet today because of a long history of Mississippian bravehearts like Tuscaloosa who sacrificed everything for the homeland. According to the records of one of De Soto's men, Tuscaloosa was described as a tall dark skinned man who wore a turban and other moorish garbs that reminded them of the moors in Spain they were very familiar with, which clearly proves Tuscaloosa was a moslem and that moslem culture was heavy in the territory of present day Alabama. I strongly suggest real strivers visit Black Warrior River in Alabama, named after Tuscaloosa and pay respects to the Alibamu warriors of the past. Also check out our "Alibamu" and "Red Sticks " gear to represent for Striving Warrior culture. Peace.

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