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Tenskwatawa, Noble Drew Ali and the Prophetstown Trust.

Peace to all Striving Muurs across the Earth plane. Back in the years of the early 1800s, leading up to the War of 1812, there were still militarily-strong factions of Muurish-Mississipian Moslems in the Midwest and Southeast regions of North America that were hell-bent on preserving the traditional North American Moslem culture and refusing to assimilate into the westward expanding influence of European-Settler culture coming from the newly-formed USA. Unfortunately, these Moslem contingents were becoming increasingly outnumbered by Muurish-Mississipians whom were choosing to assimilate themselves into this ever-expanding European-Settler so called white culture and abandoning their traditional customs in order to appease the newly empowered west-moving settlers from the USA. The legendary Ohioan Shawnee War Shiekh Tecumseh and his brother Prophet Tenskwatawa of Ohio Country helped organize one of the last Great Muurish Confederate Armies of the Midwest and Southeast which militarily engaged the United States before and during the War of 1812 and several years after in a final attempt as a United Moorish-American army to halt the westward expansion of the United States. Though the Muurish Confederates fought with bravery and valor, they would ultimately be defeated between 1812 and 1814 resulting in Tecumseh's death and Tenskwatawa's exile. Though the United States prevailed mainly due to the fallout of the New Madrid Earthquake, the fighting spirit and message of traditionalism promoted by Tecumseh and Tenskwatawa did not die. It is well known that Prophet Tenskwatawa set up a village named Prophetstown in Indiana Territory which served as a sanctuary and rallying ground for the Midwest Confederacy and galvanized thousands of Muurs to not only preserve their culture, but also take up arms to defend their lands against trespassing foriegners. Many warriors from this era would preserve this spirit and pass it on to the next generation in spite of the increasing assimilationist mindset among the greater Muurish-Mississippian population. In the latter half of the 19th century we would be given yet another Prophet who would give us the message of maintaining our Original North American Moslem culture and not assimilating into foriegn cultures or worshipping strange foriegn gods. This Prophet would be the one and only Timothy Drew AKA Noble Drew Ali. All real Muurs are familiar with the works of Noble Drew Ali, so I don't need to go to in depth on this post about what the Prophet brought to us because most of you already know the business. The fact that this message has passed from the Prophets to the Mississippian people over and over again for the last 500 years in order to galvanize those of us with bravery and valor to continue this fight to preserve our culture, speaks volumes. The main understanding that I'm taking from the historic life events of these two great Muurish-Mississipian Prophets as well as other great Muurish-Mississipian Warrior-Prophets of the past is that we are a bloodline of great Prophets and we should use this genetic reality as a unifying theme to fortify our economic/living sections and districts in the future. Just like the Chinese have Chinatown and the Italians have Little Italy etc., we Muurish-Mississipians will have Prophetstown. This is a new concept and economic blueprint for Active Muurish-Americans to finally get back to practicing group economics on a larger scale just like every other nationality in America. I, Sheekamauga Alamassee-El, will be setting up the "Prophetstown Land and Business Trust" as a vehicle for Active Muurs to galvanize and localize themselves as groups economically. This will be a long, drawn out process of striving and running the streets, highways, roads, rivers, creeks cities, towns, blocks, backwoods etc. to promote and set up as many Alamassee/ Prophetstown districts, zones and plazas as possible across the North American Mississippian Holy Terrain. This will be accomplished completely in the Mississippian Mud in Mudjahada, which means no social media, no clout chasing, no gimmicks, no celebrities and no mainstream/establishment assistance. In other words, it will be sale by sale, brother by brother, sister by sister, network by network, battle by battle, brick by brick, town by town and if necessary bullet by bullet. It will be hard but fair, however since we are choosing the path of pure merit to manifest this new higher-frequncy reality we will ultimately be victorious, as well as one of the realest, solid and most durable movements to surface in a very long time. So, even if you turn your back and dismiss the Alamassee/Prophetstown faction now, you will inevitably have to acknowledge us in the future because we will go through the mud to come out clean and we will be one of the last contingents standing because best believe that very few men and women these days are built to endure a true meritorious struggle like we are. Remember you have the watch and we have the time. I'll see you at the finish line in victory. Peace and Shukran.

Long Live Prophetstown

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