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Tariq Nasheed Slanders Noble Drew Ali And Makes Himself An Enemy Of The Moorish Nation.

Updated: Jan 10

I've been a long time listener of Tariq Nasheed's podcasts because he has generally been consistent about dropping good game on current events, history and life in general. However, I've always recognized that he is a paid Hollywood actor presenting himself as a street-certified, grassroots, revolutionary fighting on behalf of the so-called "Black" community against so-called "White Supremacy." He's given too many red flags to name over the years that made it ever-so appearant that he is not about that revolutionary life at all and he is ultimately just a repackaged, hip-hop, government-approved, informant, Al Sharpton-type to be marketed to another generation of Muurish people as a pretend activist who wouldn't bust a grape in a fruit fight. One of the biggest giveaways of his lack of intention to actually help uplift the so-called "Black" community is the fact that he clearly understands that our collective nationality is Moorish but yet he continues to refer to our people as "black" on public forums. Any Muurish-Mississippian public figure who knows better, but continues to de-nationalize his or her people with colorable, 14th Amendment, slave terms is no doubt affiliated with the Freemasonic checkerboard and has taken oaths to assist in keeping the Muurish masses ignorant and disenfranchised. Tariq Nasheed has been exposed as a pimp/pastor, hustling, grifter by many people over the years, but recently Tariq took his grifting to it's highest level yet by creating the "Foundational Black American" movement which is a watered down, pro-LGBTQ, Democratic, carbon copy of the Moorish Divine and National Movement founded by Prophet Noble Drew Ali. This bold grifting move has naturally put Tariq at odds with a number of active moors, most notably Taharka Bey of Moorish World TV, on YouTube. Now Tariq has been used to quick online beefs with other YouTube personalities and public figures who don't have the time or will for a long drawn out battle of information, but Taharka Bey has engaged in a relentless, months-long public assault on Tariq's character/integrity and clearly Tariq is getting more and more agitated. Tariq tried his usual goofball, comedic tricks on Taharka but they had no effect and Taharka's assault has gained more and more of an audience as the months have gone on. Tariq's frustration clearly reached an apex when he went on a recent podcast and slandered Noble Drew Ali and The MSTA and essentially declared war on all Moorish-Americans. Now I really hope Tariq understands the long-term ramifications of his actions this time. He is a Hollywood-sanctioned personality with zero grit and zero street-cred outside of his urban, Democratic-shielded realm of goofballs and we moors are everywhere coast-to-coast and can easily catch him anywhere to make him answer for this public slandering. Him and his half-breed wife and European mother-in-law live in a gated community far away from his own people, while we "Active Moors" are deep in the mud striving in every Muurish community and deep in the backwoods also. Tariq has zero chance of escaping Allah's wrath for slandering the Holy and Righteous this time. So, TARIQ NASHEED be careful deep down in Confederate country because the Holy Moorish assault on your unrighteous head will continue homie. Peace and Shukran.

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