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Tariq Nasheed Opens A Nightclub Instead Of A Museum By Scamming His Followers. FBA Is Finished. LOL

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

Ok, this is my last time speaking on this clown, but Tariq Nasheed has taken "Pro-Black" scamming to a new level by boldly using crowd-sourced funds to open a damn liquor-serving nightclub in L.A. instead of the family-friendly museum that he promised to deliver, as if the so-called "Black" community needs more of these alcohol-serving entertainment venues. The goofballs who fell for this FBA grift only have themselves to blame, but it's actually a good thing Tariq was this criminally bold, because this fiasco should single-handedly destroy the credibility of all so-called "Pro-Black" movements since they have always been Marxist-style scams from day one. Remember "Black" is a crayon color and not a nationality. So going forward, real Muurish-Mississipians need to look at nationalization under your own vine and fig tree as instructed by Noble Drew Ali and abandon "Pro-Black" movements and scam artists once and for all. Peace

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