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Str8 from the Mississippian Mud, No Mass Appeal Here.

Welcome to the Alamassee Realm where we maintain autonomy with a lifestyle of struggling and striving. If you're looking for luxury, handouts, easy living, entertainment, shortcuts, attention, glamour, fame or any other type of superficial lifestyle you're in the wrong place. Our old time American Mississippian culture is rugged and real but its fair and honorable. We don't look for shortcuts around the organic, hardcore process of individual spiritual and physical development and we maintain the natural rights of passage to nobility that has existed in our culture since time immemorial. In other words, in our realm we really reap what we sow and if you don't work and contribute then you will receive no spoils. Charity is for those in need, however able-bodied people are expected to contribute over here. We don't look to scam, rob, lie, cheat or get over on our brothers and sisters to make a living because in order to strive you are required to go through the rugged path to success in the wilderness. Out in the wilderness, all of your artificial, synthetic gadgets, knowledge and spiritual dogma will fail you and you will be forced to turn exclusively to the Most High, which can only be accessed internally not externally. You can only be guided to your destination in the wild with this etheric guide which is why we value the process of striving like we do. No man will ever reach his full potential of development without adopting this culture of striving and being cast out into the wilderness to survive and thrive. Many are called but few answer. Will you reject Mass Appeal and strive with us in the cause? Only you can choose to answer the call.

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