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Shouts Out to Texas AKA Tejas AKA Mauritania. Remember the Alamo

For the real Moslem Mississippians who study and are aware of the true history of what we now call the American Southwest and its heavy moorish past, this is a dedication to ya'll. All you have to do is travel across the southwestern U.S. region and take note of the moorish architecture of many of the historic buildings that are still standing and the Latin and Arabic names of towns and places, such as Sudan, Texas, to see that the southwest region of the current U.S. was once a moslem moorish stronghold. Although many old, historic moorish-style buildings from Texas to California have been demolished and or destroyed by corporate colonists over the past 100 years, many such as the Great Historic Alamo building still stand as monuments to our ancestors and it is an absolute must that those of us who are aware of this history start to reclaim these monuments and this culture before it's too late. Best believe that the no-nonsense, cowboy, wild west, gun-toting, conservative culture Texas is known for was adopted from our Mauritanian ancestors. So this is a shout to the true moorish, Mauritanian, Mejicanos of old Andalusia aka Old Spain aka the Mississippians. Peace and "Remember the Alamo."

Jam from 3rd Coast Great Lil Keke

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