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Shouts Out to Illinois Country AKA Upper Egypt AKA "The Plains of Maracco"

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Peace to all of my Muurish-Mississipian Strivers in North America and to all Striving Travelers Worldwide. I'm not going to go too deep into the subject of the prevalence of Old-time Islam in the woodlands, praries and river valleys of old Ohio and Illinois Country located in the territory of the current states of Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Ohio and Michigan because there are many expert researchers and historians who have preserved this information and presented it to those with the frequency and open-mindedness to except such information as valid. I just wanted to give a salute to the Mississippian Moslems of the past who built a grand civilization and trade network in this region and assure real Strivers that there are still Muurs like myself and others who go through the trenches everyday to preserve the knowledge and cultural principles of this glorious Muurish/Islamic/Asiatic culture the past that thrived in the Midwest. Although I have my origins in the deep south, I was privileged by the Most High to spend 10 of my early years, from ages 5 to 15, living in the Chicagoland area AKA "Grand Mecca" and I will tell you that aside from the intense/severe weather seasons, legendary urban warfare and criminally corrupt political-structure, Chicago is a very special and ancient city whose true history is intensely suppressed and the original Asiatics of the region have been under direct military siege/attack since "The War of 1812" and generationally targeted for complete ethnic cleansing from the grand city that their ancestors built. All one has to do is look at many current city and town names across the region such as Cairo Illinois, Mecca Indiana, Mahomet Illinois, Morrocco Indiana etc. to realize the presence of past Moslem/Mohammadan cultures in these areas. Best believe these are the original names of these towns and villages founded by the original people who were ultimatly systematically and often militarily driven out by post -1820s settlers. The fact that it's been recorded that the "State of Illinois" had over 500 sundown towns at one period during the early to mid-1900s is a dead giveaway that a certain culture and history was being systematically stamped out and hidden in this region as well as settlers wanting to occupy some of the most fertile soil on earth and control the old river and lake highway systems there. There is also the well documented story of the "Ben Ishmael Tribe" of Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky of the early to late-1800s that was one of the last remaining consolidated Moslem nations of the region that was also systematically sanctioned and dissolved by incoming settlers and infamous genocidal eugenicists. One can as well, travel to cities like Chicago, Gary Indiana, Cairo Illinois, Kankakee Illinois etc. and notice the moorish architecture on many of the surviving old brick buildings and homes in these places. It's very apparent that most of these buildings predate post-1820s settlement which is why so many fires and demolitions including the "Great Chicago Fire" were deliberately executed to get rid of as much of this old culture and architecture as possible over the years, which goes on to this day with gentrification operations where old historic and elaboratly-designed buildings are being systematically destroyed while ugly, plain square buildings are being built in their place. This is done to change the vibration and frequency of a location because architecture is very powerful when it comes to frequency of the people occupying an area. This process of gentrification has gone on worldwide by the way, especially in the last 200 or so years. In addition, it's worth noting that the historic heavy /rich manufacturing and trading in the regional economic powerhouse Centers of the Great lakes and Mississippi/Ohio River Valley system without a doubt existed prior to settlement and its absolutely criminal that globalist technocratic pirates systematically gutted the industries of this region after the 1960s and shipped them offshore which has nearly decimated the old economy of this ancient North American Hub and severely impoverished the Asiatic communities of the region. The region is now, rightly so, labeled the "Rust-Belt" because a once grand civilization has been largely economically decimated after years of theft, invasion and overall incompetence at the government level. It's currently so bad that the current "State of Illinois" is considered a largely hard place to live and Citizens are fleeing in droves to other states. It's very sad considering the rich and glorious history of this territory and its nothing less than criminal theft and looting by godless technocrats who have virtually eliminated the historically thriving and self-sustained economy of Ohio/Illinois Country. Though the future looks rough, real Strivers like myself know that all is not lost and as long as Real Muurs live the culture will never be completely stamped out. As the Great Prophet Noble Drew Ali instructed us, we will continue to strive to uplift fallen humanity. Peace and Shukran ☪️. Below are a couple of sources for deeper reading and research on the subject.

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