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Sheekamauga Alamassee-El: Shareef Imperium Grande "Red Wolverine"

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

"Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself"

Peace to the Active Muurish-Mississipians, Strivers, Travelers and surviving Original-Asiatic Nations of the Earth plane. Just a brief check-in for all of you who may not be familiar with me or who may come across "Alamassee Post" or "El Caleephahh" in the future. I'm Sheekamauga Alamassee-El AKA "Red Wolverine" and I am the founder of "Alamassee Post" and "El Caleephahh/ Confederated Five." I am an active non-temple Muurish/Moorish-American and Grand Imperial Shareef of "Alamassee El Caleephahh." Though I've never been a temple moor, I am an active Mudjahada Striver who is "Ten Toes Down" in the struggle for the upliftment of fallen humanity as instructed by Noble Drew Ali. To prevent future confusion, confrontation or conflict from my peers about my credibility to participate in this cause in the fashion that Allah has instructed me to do so, I want to clarify some things in advance. I'm not a religious leader nor Moorish adept and never claimed to be one as I am still studying and striving for Self-Mastery. I have no intention on forming any Moorish /Tribal government or Sultanate because I am not an expert lawman nor charismatic organizer nor am I sanctioned by any Adepts/Grand Sheikhs in the Moorish Science Temple. I am not presenting myself as any type of Prophet, Messiah or Savior of my people because all Messiahs, Kings, Prophets etc. are chosen and validated by their peers/constituents and not self-declared. I am a true Sufic Striver with control over my ego/ambition so I don't seek any real form of validation from the physical plane and only seek to please the "Most High" which in essence means that whether "El Caleephahh" has 3 supporters or 500,000 it doesn't matter to me because I'm only here to carry out orders from the Etheric Plane and that's all that matters to a true Striver. Now with all of that said, here's some of what I am here to do. I am here to help facilitate culturally-fortified economic cooperation and defense for Active, Striving Muurish-Mississipian North Americans and all others who are friendly to the cause. Many elders have discussed the need for economic cooperation amongst Original North Americans but few have actually striven to truly fortify these efforts along cultural lines outside of Crayon-color so called "Black" status in a very long time. To be perfectly honest, the thought of this true cultural fortification actually frightens a large portion of our people because they have genetic memories of ugly wars of the past against their Moorish ancestors in efforts to destroy this culture, but at this point if you're scared go to church because Allah demands that we push forward now. I'm one of those polarizing figures whose pure energy will help separate the real from the fake. Since I really live my life in Moorish-Asiatic habit and maintain my Asiatic culture everywhere I go, even when I earn my living, it puts me in a different category from many others who talk a good game but still live a largely assimilated lifestyle. In other words, if you don't wear a Fez or Turban everyday, everywhere you go and strive for our Resurrection as Confederated North American Nations daily then "we ain't the same" and you don't have the merit or stripes to dissent about my procedures. If you are nervous or afraid to be yourself then "El Caleephahh" isn't for you and keep it moving. The main unique directive of "El Caleephahh" as opposed to many other conscious movements is emphasis on the repatriation and spreading out of Muurish-Mississipians across the Terrain of North America as opposed to the mostly Urban/Suburban isolationism that we've been taught to embrace. In other words, getting back out into the woods, rivers, lakes, hills and mountains to hold down the "Holy Terrain." So to reiterate, I'm Sheekamauga Alamassee-El and I'm Shareef Imperium Grande of "El Caleephahh." My spirit animal is the Wolverine because I'm a Righteous Barbarian predator by nature who mostly moves and hunts solo. If you're a real striver and ready for change then you can believe in me and contribute to the cause because I will really stand up for you if you are in this struggle and I will stand ten toes down right here building in "God's Country" until Allah calls me off the plane. If you see me outside, raise your right hand either up or to your chest and say peace. We are brothers and Sisters in Mudjahada. Peace and Shukran.

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