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Russia Invades Ukraine and Biden supporters hold this L.

With the criminally weak leadership in D.C. I personally don't blame Putin for launching this war. The American population has been weakened and castrated by socialist, communist and liberal indoctrination as well as mass unchecked immigration for so long that other world powers realize it's their time to rise to prominence and I don't blame them one bit. Let this be a lesson to future American generations: Hold on to your indigenous conservative values, maintain your families and communities as "Man Woman and Child"and never get yourselves caught up in materialism/ luxury/comfort/ego at the expense of merit, honor, hard workand substance. As what's left of the USA continues to crumble we invite all active Muurish-Mississipian Amarukhans to make an exodus to the Confederated Five/Mahhowaukee Six as an Ark/vessel of the preservation of true American Grit. Peace and be safe.

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