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Retaliation Is A Must. Lessons From The Black Liberation Army Insurgency Of The 1970s.

Much respect is due to the Muurish-Warrior brothers and sisters of the Black Liberation Army of the 1970s and early 80's. These Muurish Warriors waged a decade-plus long guerrilla war campaign against the racist, terrorist, Irish, gangbanging, KKK, Muur-killing police departments across the country and fought like true American Braves to protect Muurish-Mississipian communities nationwide at a time when extra-judicial police killings of Muurish-Mississipian people was widespread. The Black Liberation Army began a campaign of retaliation attacks on police in the early 1970s to send a message to bloodthirsty, Muur-murdering cops back then that killing innocent Muurish-Mississipians would no longer go unpunished. Even though they were ultimatly forced to disband around 1981, many of us Muurish-Mississipians who grew up in the 70s, 80's and 90's can personally attest to the relative safety we experienced from the overt racial harassment and violence that our grandparent's may have been subjected to at times. We owe our relative safety in the following decades to these Muurs who came before us who were willing to take up arms and sacrifice their lives for we the following generations and we must be willing to do the same. We must study the successes and failures of this guerilla campaign of the 70's and learn from them so that we Active Muurs can push forward in our efforts of De-colonization. Although the Alamassee El Caleephahh demonstration is not Marxist nor do we deal with the racial label of "Black," we still salute these fighting elders as Warrior Muurs, whose hearts were in the right place. One important takeaway point that I got from the following interview with BLA vet Thomas McCreary is that any Guerilla-style struggle will only be as successful as the collective will of the people it represents. Peace and Salute to the Warrior Muurs of the past.

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