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Real American Glory is only for the Brave.

Due to over 200 years of organized identity theft, the term American or Al-Marracan has become very ambiguous and allowed to be adopted by many undeserving and meritless individuals who have neither the DNA, willpower nor intestinal fortitude to live the lifestyle of a true American. For some strange reason a lot of these new soft, wannabe psuedo-Americans believe they can claim North American prestige and birth rights as their own while simultaneously embracing very unamerican, foreign ideologies and taking and looting resources from "Gods Country" while refusing to give anything back to our Mississippian soil. Now after upwards of two centuries of misappropriation of culture, resources and ideological understanding of what it means to be a real American, a true Mississippian striver is here to help clear up the misconception and reinstate the code of the true North American Brave. First and foremost, the Original North American nations have always been a conglomerate of Confederacies, so if you personally have any ill-will or hate in your heart for the term Confederacy then you are already on the Unamerican side of the fence. There has been a slander propaganda campaign since the mid-1800s, orchestrated and funded by foriegn entities to associate this Original North American form of government to so-called slavery in order to frighten the ignorant masses because the curators of this new Corporate American culture have always despised anything truly Indigenously North American and work hard burning midnight oil to bury any aspect of Old North American culture. In reality a Confederacy just represents individual Clans, tribes and/or Nations acting in economic and military consolidation while still maintaining autonomy in their respective territories, which is truly American. Second, individual liberty and self governance is essential for any true American. We don't believe in big government, democratic socialist or communist ideologies whatsoever. All real North Americans are required to strive for self-sufficiency, autonomy, economic independence and individual spiritual understanding. We believe man is more than capable of governing himself and in essence communities are capable of governing themselves how they see fit as long as they all are striving in unit to preserve and protect the land and each other's God-given rights. Third, real North American society is Meritocratic which is why meritless individuals can never be American. Hard work, creativity and sheer will for success is what has made North America great since ancient times and a system of handouts and freebies to undeserving, Unamerican, meritless individuals whom haven't fought for nor earned a damn thing is what has been destroying this land for over 200 years now to the point of inevitable collapse and reckoning. Bottom line, if striving, fighting and potentially dying for honor, freedom and principle is not in your blood then you are no American and you are nothing but a freeloader. Fourth, no real American supports gun control and I'll just leave it at that. Fifth, North American culture has always been defined by different nations and/or clans/tribes having the ability to form distinct communities here and govern and regulate themselves as they see fit. Anyone attempting to force any North American community to lose its attributes and distinctiveness is an Unamerican tyrant and will not be tolerated. Also, attempting to impose your presence on or open up an autonomous North American community to forceful outside influences is very Unamerican and undesirable behavior to any real North American. Fifth, religious freedom will always be held as one of the highest laws of the land for real North Americans. The godlessness of the technocrats of big governments and pro-communists will never be accepted by God-fearing North Americans no matter how hard the technocratic agenda is pushed so forget about it. Sixth, real North Americans believe in the traditional conservative nuclear family of man, woman and child and while we respect individual freedoms, we are conservative North Americans striving to preserve our old-time culture and there will be absolutely no compromise about our God-given right to do so. Seventh and final for this post is that we real North Americans understand that the ultimate cost of freedom is death. All Real North Americans are rugged and ready to answer any call to arms if our freedom and autonomy is threatened. Real North Americans have taken an oath to the Most High that we are willing to sacrifice our lives before we surrender "God's Country" to godless technocrats and any other enemy of liberty. These are just seven leading guiding principles of the code of the true North American Mississippian striver for you to keep in mind to distinguish the real from the fake. There are several more principles of this code to be mentioned in coming posts but these leading principles are to give insight for real strivers. In the coming paradigm only the brave will be able to stand as true free North Americans because it will take guts and will to survive/ thrive in the coming years and not fall victim to the great American purge. Survival of the fittest and warriors will rule the day. Libertas.

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