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Photo Proof That Moorish/ Old Testament Culture Was Dominant In The Antebellum South

Peace Muurs,

The truth of the matter is that free Muurish-Mississipian people were running the Confederate South in the pre-civil war era and were leading and financing the Confederacy. Despite all of the so-called "Black Slaves" propaganda, many of us are aware of this truth and that after the war many of our free ancestors were rounded up and placed in Union War Camps or "re-education"camps, otherwise known as "Contraband Camps" around the south where they suffered untold horrors and atrocities. These following photos from an all-female Contraband Camp in Louisiana clearly shows all of the adult women in Moslem-type dresses and turban-style headwraps, which clearly acts as more proof that the Confederacy was Moorish in culture and not Roman-Euro/Christian. Check them out and do your own research. Peace

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