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Peace to Africa but our culture is Asiatic. Asian Doll can claim her culture and No Lames Allowed.

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

" May God enlarge Japeth and let him dwell in the tents of Shem" Genesis 9:27

For the record, we Muurish-Mississipian Strivers recognize North America as the true "Land of Shem" and we also recognize the Americas as the true Old World. To real Muurish-Mississipians, North America is considered "Asia Major" and the current continent of so-called Asia is considered the "Land of Japeth" or "Asia Minor." We don't adhere to Darwinist Colonial academic attempts to center biblical history and the development of advanced ancient civilizations upon the present day so-called Middle East, Europe or Asia because that ideology is simply not factual which has been proven over and over again by many true historians and archeologists alike. That being said, there is no need to stress this truth because it stands on its own in the face of falsehood. I do however, want to address the continued well-funded, slander campaign by hate-filled colonists and African-minded, crayon-color claiming, brain dead zombies to deny the Original Asiatic Muurish people of North America our rights to claim our Asiatic culture. Everytime a high profile North American Asiatic claims any Asiatic name, wears any Asiatic regalia or publicly participates in any Asiatic custom, they are publicly ridiculed and accused of so called "Culture Appropriation" or not wanting to be so-called black. This recently happened with rapper "Asian Doll" when she had a so called "Indian-themed" party and she was ridiculed online and accused of "Cultural Appreciation" and self-hate which is beyond ridiculous because if you look at her features she is clearly an Original Asiatic Woman whose ancestors most likely practiced Muurish-Asiatic, Oriental culture right here in North America. There is an inherent need by brigades of academic and culture-denying idiots to force an African identity on North American Asiatic people which clearly displays that a whole lot of insidious institutions and organizations have a collective interest in keeping us in a cultureless and Stateless position with no knowledge of our true selves. For the record, our culture is Asiatic and we historically wore Turbans/Fezzes/Crowns with feathers and jewels and long flowing, loose garments. Our women wore beautiful dresses with veils and jewels and carried themselves in an upright, Noble manner. We mostly practiced monotheism and lived in advanced civilizations with advanced technology. We were experts at Agriculture, Carpentry, Trade, Manufacturing and pretty much every other component of top-tier civilization. The fact that much of our population has forgotten their culture and who they are does not negate this history or bloodline, so Asian Doll and any other North American Asiatic can feel free to claim Asiatic culture because it's our culture and anyone trying to deny us our rights to be who we are can kick rocks, because they cant stop the inevitable Resurrection of Asiatic culture in North America/ The West no matter what lying skeems they continue to pull. Also those "Fresh and Fit" lames who gave "Asian Doll" a hard time are the definition of the ongoing problem of outsiders who are not indigenous to North America showing their contempt for our bloodline and we will continue to laugh at these foriegn lames because all they can do is continue to be the jealous cornballs that they are and they will never be real Asiatics like we Shemites and it shows in their lack of swag and overall game-goofy nature. So peace to the real Asiatics worldwide and remember if you hate a real Asiatic Striver then you hate the Most High. We'll see how that works out for you in the end. Peace.

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