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Moor-Hating Roman Catholics Created Failed States In Latin America And Easy Conquest For China

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

The Chinese Communist Party is currently consolidating power in Latin America for an obvious future mobilization around the Al-Maraccan heartland currently referred to as the United States. The crusades never ended and its obvious that Technocratic Marxism is picking up the torch in the fight against anything free and moorish where the Roman Catholic church left off in its fight against we Saracens. The Al-Maraccan, Muurish-Mississipian heartland of North America is the final frontier for these Godless hordes. Let this be a warning to Active Muurish-Mississipians. Always stand under your own vine and fig tree and fight to preserve your freedom and culture at all costs because the horde of conquistadors are coming once again for we big dogs, but we defeated them in the 1500s and we will prevail once again inshallah. What's very ironic in all of this is that China is an old Moorish domain that was destroyed by the Godless Marxists in the 20th century.

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