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Memphis/Egypt/Chi-Town/Mecca/Cleveland/Miamee/Mississippian-Style Origins, In case ya'll Forgot.

The current mainstream style of rap cadence and flow was pioneered by the Mississippians of Memphis, Tennessee on up to Chicago and east to Cleveland Ohio Country or old Miamee Country. I had the pleasure of growing up in the 90's and being a diehard fan of the underground southern and midwest hip-hop of the era and I can personally attest to the fact that outside of Memphis, Chicago and Cleveland, at the time not too many artists from other regions were rapping in the rhythmic, choppy, melodic rhythm-style that virtually all of the younger artists from coast to coast and abroad use today as well as the mainstream beat-production style of rolling drums and kicks that was completely pioneered by Memphis producers such as DJ Paul and Juicy J among others. This is a testament to the culture of innovation that Original Mississippians naturally possess even in our collective current economically and socially disadvantaged state. This post is for all of you youngins getting money in the rap game today who may not know the origins of the predominant rhyme and production style you use to make hits. Always pay homage to the pioneers. Shouts to the originators Three Six Mafia, Bone Thugs and Harmony, Crucial Conflict, Do or Die, Gangsta Pat, Twista and the other rapping Mississippians who paved the way, Peace.

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