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Ku Klux Klan, Order Of Christ Crusader Mississippi Police Chief Caught Bragging About Killing Muurs.

Another Homicidal Euro-Roman Christian Crusader Cop caught admitting that his only job is to kill and subjugate Muurish-Mississipians. Again American Police departments are under no oaths to uphold the Constitution and they are essentially mercanary organizations under orders from the Pope to hunt, enslave and kill copper-colored Americans and always have been since their enceptions largely after 1865 with the Irish gangs of New York being hired to form KKK Police departments with orders kill and attack the copper-colored American population coast to coast. This is not a theory, this is facts and it's time to call a spade a spade. This is why it's important for copper colored Americans who are brave and not cowardly sell-outs to become Active Muurish-Mississipians and abandon being so-called "Black," because we Active Muurs believe in war and not marching, praying and begging like punks as so called blacks do. Again we Active Muurish-Mississipians have no problem with the Constitutionally-bound Sheriff departments because we invented the Sheriff (Sharifan) American law enforcement system and it predates the formation of the United States. We also don't have issues with law-abiding peaceful Christians, however we do have beef with active homicidal, criminal, Christian Crusaders who believe they have the right to kill Muurs indiscriminately, while offering no constructive resources or upliftment to the Muurish communities that they allegedly "serve." You have been judged and we will spare no expense on your defeat and unconditional surrender to the " Will of Allah" in this Holy Terrain. Remember, you murdering savages brought this divine wrath on yourselves. Peace

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