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Communist Marxist Lunatic And Longtime War Criminal Netanyahu Declares War On Barbary.

First of all to this Ashkenazi clown Netanyahu, the true so-called Israelites are currently of the Mississippian Nations under the true 6 and we don't recognize your claim to be God's so-called chosen people because the Muurish-Mississipians are Allah/ God Most high's chosen people. Second of all, we caught your secret declaration of war against the Barbary Moors and trust me we whooped you infidels in the crusades and the 1500s and we will easily do it again. You started something you can't finish homeboy. Also, the so-called initial Hamas attack was clearly a false flag and orchestrated attack to be used as an excuse for the destruction of Holy sites and land grabs to force more civilians into Megacities and gentrified communities. You Communist Marxist bums aren't fooling anybody. True Barbary Nations will never lay down or submit to you satanic Godless Communist Marxist lunatics. Also for the record we Mississippian Barbary Nations have nothing to do with the current so called Palestinian population but we understand when we are being secretly declared war on. Peace

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