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If you don't love America AKA Almaurikhanos AKA "God's Country" then you have no place here.

One of the core values of any striving Mississippian Moslem is an undying love of the land and vast wilderness of North America. To the real Mississippian moslem North America is the "promised land" or "the garden of eden" which must be maintained, guarded and defended at all costs. Despite media and false academic propaganda, the fact remains that North America is the most fertile and resource-rich piece of real estate on the planet and everyone knows it. We have the most fertile soil, freshwater, minerals, oil, timber, diverse wildlife etc. as well as the most naturally industrious, creative and inventive people on the planet. Another core principle of the true North American Mississippian Moslem is the love of individual freedom, free enterprise and self-governance. Real North Americans are about community economics, entrepreneurship, spirituality and distinct tribal cultures and are not very accepting of attempts at micro-management of our business/personal affairs and politics from entities outside of our particular communities. America for centuries has always been defined by individual communities, tribes and/or nations being as self-sufficient, fortified and well-defended as possible but yet being able to form Confederations with other North American communities, tribes and/or nations for cooperative economics and defense. In fact the entire current United States government system is based on the centuries old indigenous "Confederation of Nations" North American system that we have always maintained. Now I'm well aware of the hate-filled criminals, thieves and traitors who have infiltrated every aspect of the American Republic and spent nearly 175 years opening our "promised land" up to be looted and gutted by foreign entities and have dragged the reputation of our land through the mud, but there are those of us who still live our honorable and ancient bravehearted culture and will do whatever is necessary, even give our lives, to defend "Gods Country." As long as we exist America will remain "Land of the Free and Home of the Brave." The only difference is that in the coming paradigm, a free America will only be available for those who struggle, strive and show merit to deserve it. Gone will be the days of being a non-contributor or meritless individual and still being able to enjoy the fruits of the land. Either you are with the Cause or you are with the America-hating Hordes of traitors and engrates. Libertas

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