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For the Record: So-Called American Indians are Moors and Turks. Case Closed.

For anyone including Moor-haters and lying Darwinist academics trying to deny that Moslem-Muurish culture is indigenous to North America. Well according to this document from the US printing office, American Indians are decendents of Moors and Turks which means Moslem culture predates the arrival of the Spanish Conquistadors in North America. This also means that Turbans, Feathers and Rifles are all as American as Apple Pie and to truly be a so-called American Indian, you have to be a Moor/Muur or Turk. We Muurish-Mississipians are not Native Americans because so called Native Americans are not Moors or Turks and largely do not practice the Old Shemetic, Israelite, Moslem traditions that Original people in North America by and large always practiced. So case closed to all of the birthright deniers and miseducated academics who repeatedly deny the historic presence of Moslem/Asiatic culture in North America. Peace to brother P&F for the info drop.

You can also check out this book for more information on the subject Peace.

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