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For a Real Striver its Do or Die.

When you become a true striver you agree to cross the point of no return as far as your former lifestyle and existence is concerned. A real striver is equipped to "get it out the mud" or "live off the land" or "hunt to survive." In essence this means you are able to naturally adapt and tune your senses to your environment in order to effectively navigate, feed yourself, make a living and potentially thrive on your own terms as a man in a fair and honorable fashion. When living an existence such as this, you quickly understand that there are no guarantees of a meal ticket and you only get to eat what you can grow or kill in a figurative sense. This is when the natural human survival instincts, that society has taught you since birth to suppress, start to become naturally engrained in your mindset and you start to walk around with the swagger of a so called "Wild Indian" or "Cowboy" and people look at you like you're an alien because many of them are still very much domesticated by modern society and you have repatriated back to the "wild west" mentality. If you maintain your lifestyle of striving long enough you will have an epiphany that you can no longer go back to a life of a worker bee in a regulated society and you are forever a wolf and wolves hunt to eat. In essence your life becomes "Do or Die" because you understand that if you are unsuccessful in your "path of striving" then you wont survive because you are unfit to go back into regular society. Life becomes all business with little time for gluttony, entertainment, financial irresponsibility, gossip, attention-whoring, pleasure-seeking etc. You also understand the requirement of properly maintaining your body, overall health, mental state and diet because, again you have to perform or perish as a striver. You start to embrace uplifting activities such as meditation (prayer) and fasting to improve your overall performance under any and all conditions. Remember its "Do or Die" as a striver, but this rugged way of life is necessary in order to truly value Liberty or Libertas. Peace

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