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Politically "Black" Democratic Psychopaths Vs. American Muurs ( Real Niggaz). PNF Fire Drop

Brother P&F dropping nothing but facts about the hating, lying and theiving culture of so-called "Black" Americans perpetuated and controlled by sell-out, communist-minded, uppity, freemasonic checkerboard "blacks"who hate on everything American including real American Muurs also known as "Real Niggaz" or Nagas. These people are collectively materialistic, low-frequency, desire-driven Psychopaths who worship foriegn gods and always encourage we copper-colored Americans to support foriegn nations economically and ideologically over our own. It's beyond pathetic. Remember the colorable term "Black" is a civically-dead political ideology and not a race, nation, tribe or ethnic group. Check the link below. Peace.

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