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Chickamauga Warriors and the Holy Lands of Tennessee.

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Around the time of the so-called American Revolution in the 1770s a schism existed within the ranks of the Mississippian Shahrukee or so-called Cherokee People who domiciled in the territory of present day Eastern Tennessee, Western North Carolina, Northern Georgia and Northeastern Alabama. According to historic sources you had a slight majority of the so called Cherokee who wished to deal with the newly formed United States peacefully and at least attempt some form of European assimilation. On the opposing side there was also a sizable amount of Cherokee who where loyal to the old Brutish/British government and wished to maintain their traditional culture. Now to truly comprehend this schism and how it relates to the cultural circumstances of Original Muurish-Mississippian people today, we need to understand the real history of certain military and economic alliances that our people had with certain European powers starting back in the 1500s, which lasted until the 1800s. Most people are familiar with the Spaniard Catholic Christian victory over the Islamic Moors in Granada, Spain in 1492 and how this moorish capitulation allowed the pirate-minded, brutally violent and criminal Spaniard Conquistadors to go on a warpath against the Moslem-controlled territories in the Americas, Africa and Asia. However, what is not discussed as much in academia is the Moorish/Moslem and Brutish/British military alliance that was formed in the early 1500s to combat the Spaniard Conquistadors and the Roman Catholic military onslaught of piracy around the world. The British Crown opened the floodgates of Britain in the early 1500s to exiled Moors fleeing the Spanish Inquisition and in turn these Moors brought their military and technical expertise to Britain which resulted in Britian becoming an increasing military and economic powerhouse in Europe. This alliance also granted Britain increased economic and military access to North America because the Mississippian Moslem Moors held authority over the majority of the land of Turtle Island (North America) at the time. This alliance is what really allowed the original 13 colonies to be established because of the Moorish-British military alliance against Spain of the 1500s which largely, ultimately held Spain at bay in the Northwest Hemisphere and mostly halted their military campaign of piracy and destruction especially after the destruction of the Spanish Armada by the British Navy with military assistance from the moors in 1588. Now many modern historians like to omit this aspect of history because of pro-European bias, so they will use wording such as British or French Colonial America etc., but in reality British/Brutish so called Colonial America was really this military and economic alliance between Mississippian moslems and the British crown which constituted the old North American government prior to the formation of the United States. Now in the British/Brutish American old government and society, most of the Muurish-Mississippian people maintained their ethnic identities and Moslem cultures in tact west of the Proclamation Line of 1763, however as the Union of the Six Nations of the Northeast became more assimilated with European customs and traditions after nearly 150 years of amalgamation and decided to largely re-organize as the United States granting more freedom of movement to the peasantry and subjugated class of the British Crown, a schism was created across the country within many Mississippian Nations between those of us who wanted to remain traditional (British/Brutish) and those of us who wanted to assimilate to a more amalgamated European culture (US/American) allowing US western expansion. This leads to the situation facing the Shahrukee (Cherokee) Nation around the time of the so called American Revolution and thereafter. You had the assimilating Cherokee who were friendly to the US and you had a large group of Moslem traditional Cherokee led by a War Sheikh historically referred to as "Dragging Canoe" who with his followers would come to be referred to as the Chickamaugas. The Chickamauga would come to be known as hostile to the westward movement of European US settlers and fought a nearly 20 year campaign to hold them at bay. They were largely successful at holding their ground but ultimately decided to sign treaties with the federal government after the toll of years of constant fighting and the results of the Civil War of 1812 which pretty much gave the US the upper hand over the still militarily strong Mississippian Moslem Confederate militias of the southeast and Midwest. The results of this conflict between 1812-1815 initiatiated the gradual westward exile and social outlawing of moslem traditional cultures throughout the remainder of the 1800s in North America. This schism that has existed in North America since the 1600s is still very pervasive in many of our families to this very day between those who are assimilationists and those who are not and this unresolved issue is the core of why most Original North Americans are unable to get on the same page about literally anything in large numbers outside of entertainment and other unproductive activities. That being said, I clearly come from the traditional side of the bloodline and I honor the Chickamaugas for fighting to hold the the sacred grounds of East Tennessee, North Georgia and Northeast Alabama as Moslem country for as long as they could. If you've ever had the pleasure of visiting the hilly and mountainous country of East Tennessee then you would know that it is one of the most peaceful, quiet and beautiful locations in North America and there is a feeling that you are very close to God Most High in this area and it must be preserved for the strivers who appreciate it and deserve it. Make sure you visit Tennessee Appalachian Country and pay respects and honors to the "Fighting Chickamaugas." Peace

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