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CBDCS Will Ultimately Be Used To Erase Economic Freedom. Crypto Dummies Were Lured Into A Trap.

Peace Muurs,

From the start of the Cryptocurrency craze over 10 years ago, I inherently knew it was a play to lure regular everyday people into a new economic system in which they would ultimately have no ability to complete private transactions, which would essentially destroy individual economic freedom and allow more communist-style control worldwide. Well turns out I was correct, which is why I never bought into the crypto craze. It's no wonder that crypto millionaires and billionaires are turning up dead left and right worldwide because central banks are preparing to take control of cryptocurrency for the ultimate play for worldwide economic control. This is why it's better to thug it out in the Mississippi Mud for your come up instead of trying to follow foreign, corporate, synthetic economic models in hopes of quick returns. It never works out Muurs. Peace

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