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Brother P&F Roasting Lame Calloway And The Rest Of The Moor-Hating Abo/Indian Clowns On YouTube

Updated: May 23, 2022

Peace Muurs,

I've been studying as a Moorish-American since around 2007-2008 and at that time the only group in the "conscious community" that was consistently pushing the message that most so-called Black Americans were indigenous to North America was the Moors. The rest of the conscious and metaphysics master teachers of the day were instructing from a Pan-African perspective which was cool at the time, but I myself gravitated more towards the message of the moors because it made the most historical sense and was the most practical school of thought for me personally. Now within the last few years, you have a new crop of young punks on YouTube stealing information and scholarship from the Century-old, Moorish-American Divine and National movement in an attempt to repackage it as a so-called Aboriginal/Black Indian/ Foundational Black American movement while simultaneously making slanderous and historically false videos and statements about the Moors of America. Among the leading lames in this atrocious movement are Dane Calloway, Aboriginal Power, Tariq Nasheed, Pheonix Moon and several other scammers/misleaders. Well salute to Brother P&F, Aseer the Duke of Tiers, Cannaanland Moors, Red Road East and multiple other real Moorish-American Moslem scholars who have destroyed and debunked these Moor-hating lames with truth on several public/social media platforms. Check the drop below of Brother P&F roasting the King of Moor-hating lames Dane Calloway and others. Peace, Shukran and No Love for you Moor Hating Lames and Losers. Mashallah

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