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As Long As You Have Active Muurish-Mississipians You Will Have American Gun Culture, So Deal With It

In light of the recent mass-shooting Terrorist attacks in North America you have the Communist, Leftist, Hollyweirdo, Marxist, Political brigade using these mass-murder tragedies to push their political agendas of so-called "Gun Control" on law-abiding free Americans. You have Marxist goofballs like the "Sleepwalker in charge" Joe Biden, LeBron James, Whoopi Golberg, Steve Kerr etc. calling for more anti-second amendment legislation to be passed as if we don't have more than enough of these restrictive measures already. Let's get one thing straight, the reason Democrats, Liberals and other weirdo leftists push for so-called "Gun Control" is because they want a defenseless American population that can be subdued easily by Totalitarian entities in the future and best believe the Democrats and their shills could care less about so-called "protecting the public" from gun crimes and you're a damn fool if you believe otherwise. Well in response to this silly, Anti-American army of Marxists, I must say that since we Muurs invented Rifles and Pistols and have used them heavy in our societies for at least over 900 years, it's safe to say that we invented "American Gun Culture" and as long as we roam North America this Gun Culture will remain because it is in Allah's will. If you don't like it either move to China or kill yourself. Peace and Shukran.

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