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1968 Gang Documentary Proves Rap Is An American Thing And Exposes Busta Rhymes As A Hating Fraud.

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Disclaimer: This is not directed at my real Carribean/Latin homies with the Moorish/Maroon mentality who show love and respect to real Muurs and don't hate behind our backs. We ride with ya'll.

To Busta Rhymes and other hating, lying Carribean Islanders trying to come out of the shadows after 50 plus years and claim that you invented Rap/Hip-Hop when the swag, style, cadence, music, lingo, dress code etc. are all as American as apple pie, as proven by the 1968 documentary below, you are all showing and proving that you were invading, jealous, haters all along and you all like to claim that we Muurish-Mississipians have no culture, but let this be a proclamation to you hating lames that our culture is Moorish. We are fighting Braves unlike a lot of you who are the numerical majority in your countries yet you still remain loyal to the British crown/ Roman Catholic Tyrants and have to continously flood our shores to come up, because even though we have been invaded by hordes of savages in the last 500 years we have continued to fight and attempt to maintain our free, autonomous civilization. This is why the so-called U.S. (Al-Maraccan Empire) hasn't gone all the way to hell like Latin America and the Carribean. You need to show respect and join the cause with us or get out the way like bitches and keep your mouths shut. Respect the Muurs.

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